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Product Sales and Services

Toyota Range

With “TEAM MIKE HARRIS” you will definitely get the Toyota you will treasure for your whole life. We sell what we know will work for you. By simply popping into our showroom, you will be greeted with a youthful team that will cater to all your needs. From the historic 70’s series Land cruiser to the latest 200 series Land cruiser we definitely can deliver.

Service Departments

Workshop Services

Mike Harris Toyota workshops are fully resourced with highly qualified & trained technicians, equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment. The quality of service is what gives us the competitive edge against competitors. We have 24 hour standby technicians who can attend to customers’ unforeseen breakdowns. Mike Harris Toyota is open at 07:30 am to 05.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays. Express ‘A’ Service lanes are available for clients in a rush. Discount specials are offered to customers with fleet business. Facilities in the workshop are of high standard as they are bench marked to global Toyota standards. Service delivery is crucial in retaining the customer base. Our quality control procedures ensure that all jobs are done right first time and that there are no come-backs or repeat jobs. As a contingent measure, we have put in place a warranty program to safeguard our valued clients and get a boost of their confidence levels in us. Mike Harris Toyota has three workshops which run independently with each being manned by a highly qualified foreman.

Customer service and support

Mike Harris Toyota has at heart the customer, as a customer centric organisation which treats a customer as a king. Mike Harris Toyota conducts customer satisfaction surveys through the use of suggestion boxes, telephone enquiries, complaint log forms, live chat, emails, measuring performance levels by staff, technological advancement services to improve, workshop tools will be upgraded at all times for best results, response time to customers will be monitored and the time to fix problems. The Service Manager takes care of all customer


Mike Harris Toyota is a reliable supplier of genuine Toyota parts in Zimbabwe. This is achieved through holding the correct mix of fast moving and slow moving stocks.

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